Top Five Things Unmarried Parents Need To Know For The Child's Sake

Whether an unmarried couple lives apart or together, legal counsel is a must. A father or mother who is not married to the other parent needs to understand each parent's rights and responsibilities with regard to custody, visitation, and support.

Below are some common issues unmarried parents face. For a more personalized analysis, contact Hutchings & Schwappach to schedule a consultation.

No. 1: Whether you are the mother or the father, you should be aware that research has demonstrated the importance of a father's presence in a child's life. In the words of Psychology Today, "social problems correlate more strongly with fatherlessness than with any other factor, surpassing race, social class, and poverty."

No. 2: If you may become a father as a result of a relationship outside of marriage, you should ask a lawyer about the putative father registry in Missouri. Learn how to protect your father's rights.

No. 3: An unmarried father or mother may initiate a paternity action, which may include a DNA test. A paternity action is necessary to establish legal custody of a child and a parenting plan — even when both parents acknowledge the father's role. Hutchings & Schwappach can help.

No. 4: If the mother is married, but not to the child's father, the Husband's Denial of Paternity, a part of the Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity, may clarify the legal status of each party.

No. 5: An unmarried couple living together should realize the value of child custody and child support orders. Responsible parenthood starts with a clear understanding of each parent's rights and responsibilities. A court order can act as a type of insurance against potential future problems.

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