Does Your Family Law Court Order Need To Be Modified?

Life does not stand still after a divorce or a child custody order is in place. When circumstances change, there may be good reasons to seek a modification of a court order.

Are The Terms Of A Divorce Modifiable?

Property division is very rarely changeable, except in cases of hidden assets discovered after a divorce is finalized. If you believe your spouse fraudulently hid assets during your divorce, talk to a family law attorney about your legal options.

Maintenance or spousal support (formerly referred to as alimony) may be modifiable, depending on the terms of your divorce decree. If your or your former spouse's financial circumstances have changed since the order was made, you may be able to modify your maintenance. Contact Hutchings & Schwappach for more information.

Child Custody And Support Modifications

When circumstances of the parents or children have changed, a modification of custody, the parenting plan, or child support may be in order. Dissatisfaction with a current parenting plan or support order is often not a compelling enough reason for modifications of court orders.

Factors that may persuade a court to agree to a modification can include:

  • When one or both parents has had a change in income
  • When job schedules have changed significantly
  • When the primary custodial parent wants to move away with the child
  • When the other parent needs to move away and requests a different parenting schedule
  • When there is strong evidence that a child's welfare is at risk because of conditions in a parent's home
  • When there is a compelling reason for a child to live elsewhere or to receive higher levels of child support to account for special needs

You may be a parent wishing to petition the court for a modification. Or you may wish to contest such a proposal by your child's other parent. The lawyers of Hutchings & Schwappach can help you through negotiations, mediation or trial.

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