Protecting Your Property, Retirement, And Business During Divorce

Property division is part of every divorce. Stakes are especially high when marital property includes high-dollar assets. Will you and your spouse need to divide assets such as businesses, professional practices, multiple real estate holdings, and sophisticated investment portfolios? Hutchings & Schwappach has the experience needed to protect your financial interests.

Resolving a high net worth divorce may require attention to:

  • Retirement assets, such as pensions, 401(k) accounts
  • Executive benefits
  • A marital home and other real property, if applicable
  • High-end cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and business vehicles
  • Expensive household goods
  • Collectibles and valuables
  • Jewelry, tools, guns, and art
  • Stocks and bonds

It is common for spouses to disagree on the value of assets. At Hutchings & Schwappach, we aim to protect our clients' property rights and financial interests during divorce. Our goal, when handling your divorce, is to help you move forward with financial certainty.

Child Support When Assets And Incomes Are High

Parents are naturally concerned about preserving family assets and the lifestyle their children are accustomed to. When assets and incomes are high, calculating child support can be challenging. Correct calculation of self-employment income is important. Uncovering hidden assets and calculating complex earnings and asset portfolios may be essential. Our attorneys are skilled in complex child support calculations. We will help you obtain orders that are fair for you and your children.

Protect Your Property Rights — Contact Our Firm

Divorce lawyers Alexandra Hutchings and Emily Schwappach are prepared to develop a strategy appropriate to your divorce. Bring us your concerns about real estate, retirement, and business asset division. Send an email inquiry or call 816-479-4790. From law offices in Liberty, Missouri, we represent clients throughout Kansas City and surrounding areas.