Plan Smartly And Carefully Before Filing For Divorce

Once You Suspect Divorce Is On The Way ...

Have you suspected that divorce is on the horizon for a long time? Or has the news come as a shock? Either way, get ready. Hutchings & Schwappach will help you develop a strategy for making it through divorce with the least damage possible.

Take Control Of Your Destiny

There are things you can do now to protect yourself during the divorce process. Our lawyers will consult with you to create a divorce plan.

Begin inventorying your assets and characterizing each asset as marital property or nonmarital property. Gather documents. Get your home appraised. Get a business valuation. We can help with this process.

If there are minor children involved, begin to document the ways you are involved in their care and upbringing. Keep a log of doctor's appointments, parent-teacher conferences, and extracurricular activities you attend with your child. Detailed information can help if there are disagreements about child custody and visitation.

Begin to envision your life and your children's lives after the divorce. This may mean looking for a place to live, evaluating schools for your children and getting counseling.

Explore your legal options before filing for divorce. You and your spouse may go through negotiations, mediation or litigation. An attorney at Hutchings & Schwappach can help you stay on track.

Are You Ready To Talk About Divorce Planning? We Are Here To Help.

Our experience, dedication, and skill will serve you well during divorce. Schedule a consultation today. Call Hutchings & Schwappach at 816-479-4790 or send an email inquiry. From our law offices in Liberty, Missouri, we advise clients throughout the Kansas City area during divorce.