Divorce Without Fear

The end of a marriage is an uncertain time. At Hutchings & Schwappach, we are here to help you weather the storm. Our knowledgeable attorneys will listen to you and guide you. With our skilled advocates on your side, you can move forward with reassurance.

A Caring, Customized And Effective Family Law Practice

Hutchings & Schwappach is an established family law firm handling divorces, including dissolution of:

  • Short-term and long-term marriages
  • Marriages with or without children
  • Simple and complex divorces
  • Middle class and high-dollar asset divorces
  • Divorces between working people
  • Divorces for business owners and professionals
  • "Gray" divorces and divorces for Missourians of all ages
  • Contested and uncontested divorces

Our lawyers are here to help you develop an effective strategy appropriate to your unique situation.

Hutchings & Schwappach, LLC — A Valuable Legal Resource

Our attorneys are here to help you discover answers to key questions:

Is there a prenuptial agreement in place? Is it enforceable? Will your divorce include spousal support (maintenance or alimony), child custody, and support? Will business valuation or a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) for division of retirement assets be necessary? What kind of custody arrangement can I expect? Will you arrive at a divorce settlement through negotiations or mediation? Will a judge have to decide on the terms of your divorce through a trial?

With our help, you will have the information to make the right decisions as you go through divorce or legal separation. We look forward to the opportunity to help you resolve challenges. With us on your side, you and your children can face the future with confidence.

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Learn how we can guide you without fear as you deal with a divorce. Hutchings & Schwappach, LLC, welcomes your inquiry by email or by phone at 816-479-4790. From our law offices in Liberty, Missouri, we help families with cases in Kansas City and surrounding areas through the divorce process.