Guidance For Grandparents Seeking Guardianship

Grandparents often step into the role of parent, handling the daily care of their grandchildren. When grandparents, or other relatives, are performing a parental role they may seek guardianship status. A guardian is appointed by the court to have the care and custody of a minor child when the child's parents are unfit, unwilling or unable to care for their child. Once appointed, the Guardian will have the duty to act in the child's best interest and make decisions regarding the child's care, medical treatment, education, and maintenance. The Guardian will also have the duty to financially support the minor child.

It is common to have questions about the guardianship process. At Hutchings & Schwappach, we will answer your questions and assist you as you seek guardianship. We can help you establish guardianships in Missouri temporarily or permanently. Whatever your unique circumstances, our attorneys are prepared to guide you to the right solution for your family.

Guidance For Grandparents Seeking Visitation

Sometimes, grandparents are denied contact with their grandchildren. In these cases, grandparents may wish to get a court order that specifically establishes their right to have visitation with their grandchildren. Missouri courts do recognize grandparent rights in specific circumstances. If the parents are divorced, one parent is deceased, or the grandchild has resided with the grandparents for 6 months the court may grant reasonable visitation rights to the grandparents.

Hutchings & Schwappach has represented grandparents seeking visitation and defended parents when grandparent visitation would not be in the best interest of the child. Contact us and we can answer your questions about grandparent visitation.

Learn More About Guardianship Or Grandparents' Rights

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