Fathers' Rights Are Parental Rights

Fathers and mothers have equal rights regarding their children. Judges are not supposed to give preference to mothers or fathers when making decisions regarding child custody, parenting time, or child support. However, fathers often feel shortchanged by the system. They feel they do not get to see their children enough or pay unreasonably high amounts of child support.

At Hutchings & Schwappach, we believe that a father's role in a child's life is just as important as a mother's role. We understand fathers do not want to be "part-time" parents, but instead want to be actively involved in their child's life. We will help you develop a parenting plan that does just that.

Are you pursuing a reasonable child custody and visitation order? Do you want to file a petition for a modification? Contact Hutchings & Schwappach, LLC, for advice and representation.

The Importance Of Parenting Time — And Court Orders

There are things you can do to increase your chances of success. Make time for your children and pursue work schedules that take into account your parenting responsibilities. If you are choosing a place to live, choose a home in a good school district and close to your child's mother, if possible. Make your home comfortable and safe, develop good relationships with your children and abide by court orders. Take your child to activities, help your children with homework, and go to doctor's appointments.

If there is already a custody and support order in place, a modification for more parenting time may be possible. Contact us and we can discuss the possibilities.

If you are an unmarried father, consult with our attorneys about legal remedies that can preserve your and your child's rights. We can petition the court to order a custody and parenting plan that give you time with your child.

Protect Your Parental Rights And Your Child's Stability — Schedule A Consultation

Get back to enjoying your parent-child relationship without worrying about your legal status or when you will get to see your child next. Hutchings & Schwappach is here to answer questions and represent you. Contact us by email or by phone at 816-479-4790 to arrange to meet with one of our custody lawyers. Located in Liberty, Missouri, we represent fathers throughout the Kansas City area.